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About David Ennis

David Joseph Ennis was born to Charles J. Ennis and Marion Ennis (McLaughlin) March 20, 1953. David attended school in Bishop's Falls before going on to attend St. Michael's High School in Grand Falls, NL. He was active in many sports, in particular Hockey and softball. He continued playing sports for several decades after completing high school and found great friends and endless joy through his sporting endeavors. After graduating high school Dave moved to Toronto for a short period before returning to Newfoundland to attend Memorial University. Dave's first job after University was as a teacher in Conche, Newfoundland. He always spoke fondly and with a smile about his time there. After his time in Conche, Dave returned to Toronto where he would spend the remainder of his life. Dave enjoyed a myriad of friends, interests and careers. Dave was active with the "Down Homer Magazine" for which he wrote several columns in the early days of the magazine. Dave always cherished his visits back home to Newfoundland and is missed by all those who knew and loved him. Dave's ashes were returned to Newfoundland and spread as were his wishes on August 25th, 2019 which was the 30th anniversary of the passing of Dave's father Charles Ennis.